A useful list for start ups

Author: zmzlois


Learning note.




User Management

  • Clerk: Integrate complete user management UIs and APIs, purpose-built for React, Next.js and Modern Web.

Payment & Revenue

  • TRUELAYER: Easily integrate next-generation payments and financial data into any app.
  • Stripe: Financial infrastructure for the internet.


  • datasets: The largest hub of ready-to-use datasets for ML models with fast, easy-to-use and efficient data manipulation tools.
  • MLFlow: Open source platform for the machine learning lifecycle. Also a video Standford MLSys Seminar Episode 2 explain MLFlow by founder of Databrick.
  • ShinyApps: Bring ML model to production with speed to test your MVP. Also with an example app developed by my friend Eduardo, help you analyse how inspiring is your speech. Model bulit based on more than 2,500 TEDx speeches.

Free stuff

  • Free Selfhosted Service: A curated list of selfhosted service from conference management, analytics and etc.
  • Stack on a budget: A collection of services with great free tiers for developers on a budget.

Product Analytics & Market Research

  • analytics.com: Amazon analytics to find top Amazon niches by keyword or criteria.
  • Black box by Helium 10: Find high demand, low competition product ideas in every category on Amazon. Also with a short related article about how to do research before selling products.
  • Amplitude: Best in-class product analytics and user event tracking tool.
  • Mixpanel: Powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage and retain more users.

Product Inspiration

  • Progressive Web Apps: Capable, reliable and installable with a single codebase like Twitter.
  • f8app: Source code of an event/conference management app with tutorial on how they build it with React, Redux, Relay, GraphQL and etc.
  • Joplin: An open source note-taking/to-do app with syncrhonisation capabilities for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • Cal.com: An open source scheduling tool to help you focus on meeting rather than making meeting. Product hunt ^


  • Figmachine Convert a figma drawing to react code


Landing Page

  • Landing Page Checklist: Build best landing page with 100+ hand-picked tools.
  • Cruip: Free landing page resource for start ups from Cruip.
  • TailwindUI: landing page templates and components made by makers of Tailwind CSS.
  • daisyUI: a plugin for Tailwind CSS.
  • Vite: Next generation front-end tooling enable to build landing page with react.


Content&Image Generation

  • Depyct: Build by the guy who inspired me to write this page.



Inspired by Terry Lennon