The gap between myselves

Author: zmzlois


Memories made up wind

Memories made up wind,

Desire became dreams,

I stare at the mirror and wonder,

Why does she look normal?

Time weaves into a song,

Speechless is me.

I wore the heavy silence,

only found out there is nothing more to say.

I was zoning out a second ago,

all of a sudden it became nothing.

Growing up showed me the gap between my two selves.

The wind raced to me,

told me it understood my dreams,

and me let loose in their cuddles.

Memories became sand,

Desire forged the hole,

I have no alternative but to look at myself.

Time became sand,

Soul spoke,

Only the silence was priceless,

swept the struggles in me.

Memories made up wind,

Desire became dreams,

Like the ancient poems.

That me in the mirror,

Like wind,

Like dreams.