The wine will never taste the same again

Author: zmzlois


Why it is harder for people to feel emotionally attached when they are older

Because you came late, and you passed the dinner time in their life.

The cost of walking into someone's heart multiplies as someone ages.

The smile of your first love when you were 15 years old can become the most beautiful smile for your whole life,

Your hardworking, resilient partner at 40 years old can only become a small part of your life, simply because there are much more responsibility exists.

You can make your best friend for life when you were 5 years old just playing mud together, the friends you make when you are 30 years old might stab you the next day.

People are becoming more and more complex as they grow while their cognitive system takes time to mature. Everyone's best memory exists when they are young. So you might hear from 50 years old people missing the basketball field they played on when they were 15, but you never heard of the hundred years old man missing the nursing house when they were 60 years old. The timeline sounds similar, but how you feel the world is different.

If you appear in someone's life when they are still building their cognitive system, you become an irreplaceable part of their memory.

As long as they miss these days, you can't get away with it.

As you age, your perception about time runs faster. You will miss a lot of memories. The first three years of working is muddy. You were moving jobs when you barely recognise everyone in the company, for sure you won't be able to feel the heartbeat with whoever you meet. Because the concept of time is faster, people learn to move on a lot quicker than when they were young.

The older you are, the less likely you will be able to tell the difference of you and other people, let alone paying attention to what's special about them. Since your opinions about the world is more complete than when you were younger, you don't need someone to tell you what can you do to be better.

Once you form a shape of your soul, whoever come into your life will be late, late to your life.

Everyone is like a blank piece of paper at the beginning of their life, you can easily leave a stroke, but as soon as the paint is finished, you will need a very opaque color to leave a mark.

Everyone has characters in their stories. You might not be in there, but it's part of the life they live by.

You didn't do anything wrong, you were just late.

I hate that you were born too late, and you sighed that I was born too early. If we were born at the same time, I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. All the regrets were because we wouldn't be able to change our age.

If there is a better way to put it:

I am sorry that I haven't been able to be part of your life in the past, but I will be for the rest.